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    Hôpital Vétérinaire de l'Énergie

    Your pet is part of the family, and that is why we strive to provide the best care to keep your animal healthy.

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    Your Pet Deserves a Healthy Smile

    In an added effort to provide your pet with quality care, we offer pet dental services in our veterinary office.

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    Our Values: Compassion and Dedication

    Our office is dedicated to providing pets with compassionate care.

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    Domestic small mammals health

    To further serve you, we provide an in-house small mammals health care

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When a pet patient and parent enter our office, their health and well-being becomes our primary concern.

Ours is an innovative clinic specializing in animal care. Our primary objective is to improve and preserve your pet's health....

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If you're planning a vacation and can't bring your family pet along, we offer safe, reliable pet boarding services. With highly trained and knowledgeable staff, your pet will receive the quality care that they deserve.


Pets and people speak different languages, and closing that verbal gap can be extremely difficult, especially in cases where pets exhibit undesirable behaviors that result in stress and frustration.


We offer professional pet grooming services to help your pet look their best. Our groomers take exceptional care of your pet and extend their services to all ages, sizes, and breeds.

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  • Cats are one of the most common domestic pets. They are exceptionally intelligent creatures that can provide affection and entertainment.


  • There is a reason why they say dogs are man's best friend; nothing beats coming home to a wagging tail and friendly face. Prior to dog ownership, however, it is important to understand the responsibilities that coincide with being a canine owner.


  • A pet ferret can be one of the most loyal, cuddly, and loving pets available but could also be one of the most finicky.


  • Owning a horse is no simple task; it requires a significant amount of time and monetary expense to care for and house a horse. When properly cared for, a horse has a life span estimated between 25 and 45 years.


  • Rabbits are a rewarding pet that take time and interaction in order to really bond with their owner.


  • Rabbits are often believed to be a low-maintenance pet; this is a common misconception. Rabbits are a rewarding pet that take time and interaction in order to really bond with their owner. Similar to cats and dogs, they also require regular veterinary exams and should be spayed or neutered.



  • Locomotor system

    Luxating patella is a condition that occurs when the kneecap slides out of place, getting dislocated from the joint. Each time the kneecap slides out of place, the cartilage becomes increasingly more damaged.

    Locomotor system
  • Nerves & hormones

    Our veterinarians are highly knowledgeable in diagnosis and offer aggressive treatment plans to help your pet endure a long, healthy life.

    Nerves & hormones
  • Digestion & vision

    Anal sacs, also called anal glands, are located within a pet's rectal area, between the internal and external sphincter muscles. These glands are sometimes referred to as "scent glands" because they excrete a clear discharge when an animal defecates.

    Digestion & vision
  • Circulatory System

    Pet hearts are very similar to human hearts; they both have four main valves: a mitral valve, tricuspid valve, pulmonic valve, and aortic valve.

    Circulatory System
  • Living Organisms

    Canine Distemper Virus (CDV) is a viral disease that infects the gastrointestinal, respiratory, and central nervous systems. Dogs who have not been vaccinated for Canine Distemper are the most at-risk.

    Living Organisms